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This webpage represents the portfolio of the hardware, plus the application, operating system, and network software components comprising usage and/or infrastructure support career experience set. 


°Analytical Applications (1) ~ Bioinformatics; Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB); Statistical Analysis System (SAS); MINITAB
°Analytical Applications (2) ~ Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS); Mathematica;  R
°Analytical Applications (3) ~ IBM Scientific Subroutine Package (SSP)
°Data Network Devices ~ Cisco 6500 with firewall blades; PIX 5500; Wireless Access Points (WAP)
°Data Network Security Components (1) ~ Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS); Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
°Data Network Security Components (2) ~ Checkpoint and Raptor Firewalls
°Database Products (1) ~ Cincom SUPRA; IBM DB2/IMS/VS/DL1;  Total; Oracle 10i, Calendaring, System Utilities
°Database Products (2) ~ Integrated Database Management System (IDMS)
°Desktop / Laptop Hardware ~ Apple; Dell; Intel; Hewlett Packard (HP)
°Enterprise-Wide / Productivity Applications ~ Email; Calendaring; Decision Support; Data Warehouse;  Zephyr;  Internet Relay Chat;  Video Streaming
°ERP Applications (1) ~ Course / Learning Management Systems:  BlackBoard Learning Management System (LMS)
°ERP Applications (2) ~ Financial Systems:  SCT/IA IFIS/III, Banner Internet, Native Banner; Oracle Financials; FAMIS; Lawson
°ERP Applications (3) ~ Human Resource Systems:  SCT Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Time Reporting Module
°ERP Applications (4) ~ Student Information Systems (1):  SCT/IA ISIS/III, SIS+, Banner Internet, Native Banner
°ERP Applications (5) ~ Student Information Systems (2):  Degree Audit, Alumni Development
°Mainframes ~ IBM 36X/37X/43XX/30XX/ES9XXX; Amdahl 5860; DEC Microvax-II/3600; Honeywell DPS 6/8; RCA 2,3,6,7
°Mainframe Operating Systems  ~ IBM VM/370,DOS/VSE, MVS, AIX; Honeywell DPS 6/8
°Microsoft Productivity Applications ~ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows 95/98/200X; MS Project; Visio
°Minicomputers ~ IBM 5280/System 36; NCR 8250; Data General Eclipse
°Network Architectures ~ Point-to-Point; Multi-Point; Multi-dropped; Meshed; Three Tiered; Star;  Ethernet; TCP/IP
°Network Control Systems ~ IBM CICS/VS, TSO/SPF, VTAM
°Network Infrastructures (1) ~ Time Division Multiplexing (TDM); Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM)
°Network Infrastructures (2) ~ Synchronous Optical Networking (Sonet);  Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM)
°Network Infrastructures (3) ~ Single Mode Fiber (SMF);  Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF);  Local Area Network (LAN);
°Network Infrastructures (4) ~ Virtual Private Network (VPN);  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP); Microwave
°Network Infrastructures (5) ~ Wide Area Network (WAN)
°Network Monitoring Tools ~ HP OpenView; Perfigo; Tipping Point; Multi-Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG); Netware Data Analyzer
°Open Systems ~ Apache

°Operating Systems, Other ~ IBM AIX; Apple; Unix; Linux; VMWare; Filenet; Windows
°Personal Computers ~ Compaq-Zeros 386/486/Pentiums; Sun Sparc 1000
°Physical Security Management ~ BlackBoard Security
°Programming Languages (1) ~ IBM Basic Assembly Language (BAL), Cobol/VS, PL1, Fortran IV, RPG II/III; Pascal, Ada
°Programming Languages (2) ~ C++;  Fortran 90
°Remote Network Access Mechanisms ~ iPASS; Citrix
°Report Generator Applications ~ Brio Query;  Filemaker Pro
°Research / High Performance / Super Computers ~ Apple G5, 64 bit, 5 nodes; Itanium #1; Silicon Graphics
°Specialized Appliances (1) ~ MiraPoint, Email; Parlance, Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR)
° Specialized Appliances (2) ~ Infoblox, Domain Name Service (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
°Specialized Applications ~ Disaster Recovery; Business Continuity; Candidate Registration
°Servers (1) ~ General Computing Configurations:  IBM P5/RISC 6000; HP 9000
°Servers (2) ~ Storage:  IBM Blades; Dell; Intel
°Storage Devices ~ IBM SAN and other storage; Network Attached Storage (NAS)
°Telephony Billing and Traffic Tools ~ Integrated Communications Environment (ICE9); Service Order Tracking (SOTS)
°Telephony Switches ~ Lucent 5ESS-Classic/1986, 5ESS-2000; NEC 2400 IMX, NEAX 2400;  Asterisk
°Telephony Systems ~ Interactive Voice Response (IVR); Automatic Call Distribution (ACD); Voice Mail