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Glossary of Terms





5ESS ~ Class 5 Electronic Switching System

A&M ~ Agriculture and Mechanical

A21 ~ Cost Principles for Educational Institutions

ABC ~ Activity-Based Costing

AHC ~ Amerada Hess Corporation

ARPANET ~ Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

ATHENA ~ MIT distributed educational environment

BEA ~ Break Even Analysis

BITNET ~ a Cooperative University Network

CBRC ~ Campus-Based Research-Computing

CCSSO ~ Chief Client Support Services Officer

CIO ~ Chief Information Officer

CIO/IRM ~ CIO and Information Resource Manager

CITO ~ Central IT Organization

CNO ~ Chief Network Officer

CNOC ~ Computing &  Network Operations Center

CODEC ~ a digital stream compressor / decompressor

CTO ~ Chief Technology Officer

CTO/FSD ~ CTO and Facility Services Director

DBOT ~ Disaster Baseline Outage Time

DCF ~ Discounted Cash Flow

DEP ~ Diverse Enterprise Personnel

DT ~ Diversity Team

EC ~ Executive Committee

EP ~ Enterprise Personnel

ERP ~ Enterprise Resource Planning

FC ~ Forms Control

FRS ~ Financial Reporting System

GAP ~ Graphic Arts Printing

HC ~ Hertz Corporation

HVAC ~ Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

IA ~ Information Associates

IAAS ~ Infrastructure as a Service

IBM ~ Internal Business Machines

ILOC ~ Institutional Lost Opportunity Costs

IP ~ Internet Protocol

IRR ~ Internal Rate of Return

IT ~ Information Technology

IT Assets ~ IT Products, Services, Technologies, and Processes

KBPS ~ Kilobits Per Second

LMS ~ Learning Management System

LSAC ~ Law School Admission Council

MC ~ Milwaukee County Government

MCCS ~ Minnesota Community College System

MIT ~ Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MITDN ~ MIT Data Network

MM ~ Million

MR ~ Mail Room

MTTR ~ Mean-Time-To-Repair

MU ~ Miami University

NDEP ~ Non-Diverse Enterprise Personnel

NECA ~ National Exchange Carrier Association

NOC ~ Network Operations Center

NPV ~ Net Present Value

NYU ~ New York University

OMB ~ Office of Management and Budget Circulars

OMB-A21 ~ Delineates Cross-Subsidization of Charges

OSPAB ~ Offset Printing and Binding

PIP ~ Population Impact Percentage

PSAP ~ Public Service Answering Point

PUBS ~ Publications

PVAMU ~ Prairie View A&M University

RC ~ Records Management

ROI ~ Return on Investment

SAP ~ Systems Applications Products

SAS 70 - Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70

SCC ~ Student Computing Center

SCT ~ Systems and Computer Technology, Inc.

SDLC ~ Systems Development Life Cycle

SF ~ Square Foot

SIP ~ Session Initiation Protocol

SPOF ~ Single Point of Failure

TAMU ~ Texas A&M University

TAMUS ~ Texas A&M University System

TB ~ Telecommunications Billing

TIC ~ Total Investment Costs

TNS ~ Telecommunications and Network Services

TR ~ Training

UPS ~ Uninterruptable Power Supply

USRO ~ Unassigned Staff Resources Only, No Budget Impact

UTP ~ Unshielded Twisted Pair

UTSYSTEM ~ University of Texas System

VLAN ~ Virtual Local Area Network

WCCC ~ Wayne County Community College

ZEPHYR ~ MIT IP-based, Instant Messaging